About Mix Movement…

Mix Movement Family

What is Mix Movement?

Mix Movement is first and foremost a group of artists.

What is our art?

Well, it ranges between every person in our group: Music makers (DJs & producers), FX makers, engineers, computer geeks, science nerds, painters, builders, cooks, and survivalists. Our art is as broad ranging as you can possibly imagine.

What is our goal?

To set up, promote, and understand various social projects, concerts, events, and gatherings where our art can be appreciated and/or used for the good of all. Less than mainstream forms of music are a continuing inspiration base of our various events. Our eclectic musical tastes include: Drum and Bass, Jungle, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Trance, Breaks, Dub Step, Reggae and much, much more. We are actively involved in all aspects of event coordination which includes the four P’s of: Planning, Producing, Promotion, and Participating.

Mix Movement is a family; only being able to function with everyone’s involvement. If you wish to help out and be a part of our family, contact us and let us know, we are always eager to meet new people and make new connections. We hope you enjoy the scene and join the movement!

-The Mix Movement Family